Mental Health Team

Introducing our mental health team. For details about different programs available, see our services pages.

Velda S Morisco, B Nursing, MPHTM, MMH Psychotherapy, MACA (Clinical)

Psychotherapist and Mental Health Nurse

Velda arrived to Psychotherapy after a long and rich professional experience in Nursing and Public Health in different countries around the globe.
She completed 2 Masters and a number of other courses to be where she is now, and takes her continuous professional education very seriously.
She brings expertise in one-on-one counselling, Psychotherapy, family therapy and group therapy.

Wendy Moore MHN credentialed, MACA

Mental Health Nurse

Wendy has been working for a number of years in Mental Health. She specialises in case management and can apply a number of therapeutic techniques.

Helen Kanowski

Occupational Therapist

Helen Kanowski is an Occupational Therapist and qualified Life Coach with 25 years of clinical, managerial, and teaching experience. Helen’s work focuses on assisting people to successfully negotiate change in their lives, and enabling people to manage situations which are effecting their ability to engage in their life roles.
Through a process of clarifying goals, developing strategies to meet those goals, and sustaining forward movement, Helen takes a practical, problem solving approach to issues such as personal and professional goal setting, developing confidence and self esteem, and improving communication.