Jenny Banks RN

Jenny comes with several years experience in Nursing, with a special interest in holistic and natural medicines. She screens clients before they see their Doctor and carries out investigations like ECGs, Spirometry, ABIs, etc., as required.
At Health & Wellbeing North Ward our Nurses also carry out Care Plans preparation, reviews for clients with chronic illnesses, and assist our clients in identifying Allied Health and other Services that may be of benefit in the management of their particular condition.

Julie Randall RN

Julie joins us with many years’ experience in most areas of nursing. She looks after chronic care and the newly developed weight loss program Shake It!


Abena Appiah RN

Abena has recently joined us after completing her Bachelor of Nursing Science at JCU.

She says: “I am a new graduate from JCU. of African descent. I have always been interested in health and the human body, which motivated me to pursue my Nursing Degree.

I take pride in providing the best care to my patients. I am passionate about various diseases management, acute care and indigenous health. I have a welcoming face and smile to make my patients feel relaxed and welcomed to build a rapport.”


Richard Casey RN

Richard is also a new graduate from JCU. He brings experience as an Enrolled Nurse and is passionate about preventative care.

He says: “I am a recently graduated Registered Nurse. I was formerly an Enrolled Nurse with a background in cardiac care, and before that I worked in Aged Care for several years.

I am originally from Ireland and have worked and volunteered in Nursing Homes in the U.K, Ireland and the U.S.A before deciding to settle down in Townsville.”