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HWB also Caters to Residents of AYR

Situated on the north side of the mighty Burdekin River, 85 kilometers south of Townsville, the prosperous rural community of Ayr is the main town in the Burdekin Shire.This is prime sugar country, with about 80,000 hectares of land under sugar cane, and an annual production of about 1.25 million tones of raw sugar. The district also contributes one-third of the nation’s mango harvest and is a major producer of melons and much other fruit and vegetable varieties. The Burdekin sits on a vast natural aquifer which is artificially replenished with water from the Burdekin River. A rich network of creeks and mangrove lined estuaries make the area a mecca for fishing and crabbing. The Burdekin is a known hotspot for fighting fish, the barramundi, as well as estuary species such as mangrove jack and trevally.With a population of 9000 people, Ayr relies on Townsville for medical services that are not available locally.

Health & Wellbeing North Ward offers multidisciplinary medical and health care that spans from GPs to Allied Health and Specialist care. Many families from Ayr use our services regularly and find it convenient to drive from Ayr and park in our spacious parking at 34 Gregory Street. We also offer specialist referrals and always make an effort to obtain early appointments for people that come from out of town.Health & Wellbeing North Ward is aware and sensitive to rural and regional conditions in the vast state of Queensland and assists as much as it can. Many Aboriginal and Torres Straight clients find it convenient and welcoming to come to this practice as we are one of the very few practices in town that employs a full-time Indigenous Health Worker. All Indigenous patients are warmly invited to Health & Wellbeing North Ward from wherever they reside.