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General Practice

Health & Wellbeing North Ward is committed to providing you with great health care for you and your whole family. Please see below for some of the services we offer.

General Practice

Apart from day to day medical care to our clients and their families we offer:

Chronic illness care

Through Medicare-supported care plans (GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements). These allow your Doctor to involve Allied Health practitioners, Nurse and other outside services in your care and then review them every 3 to 6 months to maintain the best possible control over chronic illnesses and obtain cures where possible.


Mental Health Treatment Plans

Supported by Medicare, where your Doctor works together with a Psychiatrist, Psychologist and/or a Mental Health Nurse in helping you recuperate and strengthen your emotional health.


Indigenous clients’ Health Checks

Every Indigenous person is entitled to have a regular comprehensive health check. This is set to be every 9 months for Indigenous people of any age. Our practice prides itself on being an Indigenous-friendly and multicultural practice. Indigenous Health Checks not only look closely at your health and social needs but also allow you to access 5 Allied Health referrals every year, should you need to see a Dietician, a Podiatrist, a Physiotherapist, etc.



Health & Wellbeing North Ward offers most immunisations as per National Australian recommendations. These immunisations also get uploaded and recorded to your Immunisation History in your MyGov account.


Women’s preventative care

We follow women throughout the span of their lives and carry out preventative checks appropriate to the different ages and stages of life. From Cervical Screens and STI screening, to breast checks, 45-49 health checks, diabetes screening, contraception, preconception, post-natal and maternal health checks. Health & Wellbeing North Ward also performs Mirena Insertions and Removals, as well as Implanon Insertions and Removals.


Men’s preventative health

We assist men achieve and maintain their best level of health at any stage of their lives. Regular health checks, STI screening and education, prostate and bowel cancer checks, 45-49 health checks, diabetes screening, are all part of the specific services we offer to men.


Skin lesions diagnosis and treatment

Our Doctors specialise in diagnosing and treating many skin conditions, as well as skin cancer prevention. We also perform skin excisions and biopsies on site, with follow up after care and wound management.


Employment and Drivers Licence Medicals

Please speak to our friendly Receptionists about Pre-Employment Medicals as they are dependent on Companies individual needs.

Drivers Licence Medicals – including Commercial Drivers Licence Medicals are performed at our Practice but these incur private fees and not normally Medicare rebateable.


Flu Vaccinations

Health and Wellbeing North Ward have Government Funded and Private Flu Vaccinations in stock, on site. Please note that the Private stock incur a non-Medicare fee of $20 for the vaccine itself.

Government funded Flu vaccines are generally bulk billed if this is the only reason for your attendance on that day.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

YES! We do offer Covid-19 Vaccinations at our Practice. Please be advised that we only provide these vaccinations in clinics, due to the nature and complexity of these vaccinations. These are strictly bulk billed and always uploaded to your Immunisation History in MyGov.

We rely on the government to provide us with these vaccinations so stock is not always readily available and at the moment, vaccines are only available to eligible patients. Please speak to our lovely Receptionists for more information regarding this.

Iron transfusions & Venesections

We do offer these services after consultation to discuss with your Doctor.

DVA - Coordinated Veterans Care

We have a dedicated team to look after our Veterans who wish to be placed in the CVC Program.