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Mental Health Team

Our Mental Health Team

Helen Kanowski

Occupational Therapist/ Life Coach
BOccThy, Certified Life Coach.

Helen Kanowski is an Occupational Therapist and qualified Life Coach with 25 years of clinical, managerial, and teaching experience. Helen’s work focuses on assisting people to successfully negotiate change in their lives, and enabling people to manage situations which are effecting their ability to engage in their life roles.

Through a process of clarifying goals, developing strategies to meet those goals, and sustaining forward movement, Helen takes a practical, problem solving approach to issues such as personal and professional goal setting, developing confidence and self esteem, and improving communication.

Melissa Freestun

Melissa has been a practicing psychologist for the last twelve years, working in the government, NGO and private sectors prior to joining Health and Wellbeing North Ward in 2021.

Melissa is a qualified Suicidologist, having completed her Masters in Suicidology in 2015. Her research included suicide contagion, exploring duty of care and the ethical/legal/moral dilemma when responding to adolescent suicide and suicidal behaviour through the lens of communication. Melissa also has a Masters in Clinical Leadership, where her research looked at the triangulation between emotional intelligence, work stress and person-job fit.

Melissa is excited to share her knowledge with others and looks forward to helping old and new clients at the practice.