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Private Mental Health Care Plan for Townsville

All our mental health services are Medicare-rebatable but for most of them a GP’s referral is required. Talk to your Doctor about this. A Psychiatrist can also refer for the same services.


Psychologists apply Psychotherapy and other methods of ‘talk therapy’. They also apply Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as well as other well known treatment modalities which have proven efficacious for a gamut of mental and psychological conditions.

For a comprehensive list of therapies applied by Psychologists and counsellors, follow this link. Our Psychologists are trained and experienced in child, youth and adult counselling as well as family therapy. We also have expertise in counselling people serving with the armed forces and their families.

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Mental Health Nursing

Specially credentialed Nurses with extended experience and skills in counselling and case management have recently been recognised by Medicare and can be accessed through a Mental Health Treatment Plan which your GP or Psychiatrist can set up. 


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists specialise sometimes in Mental Health and Counselling. Life coaching is a specific type of talk therapy that we have introduced at Health & Wellbeing North Ward. Life coaching is based on the principle that suffering can sometimes be simply an indication that we are changing stage in our lives. Recognising this can be difficult and our Therapist is trained to help you embrace your next stage of growth!