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Health & Wellbeing North Ward has developed as a Medical Centre following principles of Primary Health Care as inspired by the World Health Organisation.

Our practice is computerised and equipped with all the latest medical equipment and software, we have ultra-fast NBN broadband internet and offer online appointments through iphone or computer.

We are also one of the first practices to have embraced eHealth in Australia and we are ready to assist clients develop and publish their eHealth records.

We also integrate several non-conventional practices that have proven valuable for numerous medical conditions that are not cured or controlled by orthodox medicine.

At Health & Wellbeing North Ward, we offer GP, Orthopaedic and Psychiatric Medicine, as well as an array of Allied Health practices, most of which are available on site or at the adjacent PhysioNorth.

Our Natural Therapists cover a wide area of alternative and integrative practices.

Increasingly we are known for our mental health programs which include mental health treatment plans, counselling, family therapy, and, on request, couples therapy as well.

General Practice

The hub for health, for every individual in Australia, is their GP. GPs have, over the last several decades, fulfilled the role of being health and health services ‘brokers’ for their clients. At Health & Wellbeing North Ward this is fulfilled to the point that we can offer many other services in-house.

Our GPs are all trained in Primary Health Care.

Allied Health

To offer holistic and comprehensive care, professionals other than Doctors and GPs are needed with specialised areas of expertise. These are our many Allied Health Practitioners, a treasure-chest of experience and professionalism in the different areas of health.

Our Allied Health Practitioners charge private fees, but their services are often covered in part or in total by Private Health Insurers and Medicare.

Mental Health

A Mental Health team is made of more than a few Psychologists sharing space. At Health & Wellbeing North Ward we all work together to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and our GPs are trained at different levels of Mental Health delivery. Apart from Nurses and Health Workers we also have Mental Health Nurses, an Occupational Therapist, and a Psychologist. One of our GPs is also trained in Hypnotherapy while our Integrative Medicine GP can treat some of these conditions with herbs and natural products.